A year has passed

By: roro

Mar 07 2004

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A year has passed since I bought my first camera, and start this trip to
amateur photography. I know its completly stupid that a person
like me start a hobby like this, but its a good therapy and make me
look the things very different, I enjoy more a blue sky, the flowers,
the insects and the birds. I see almost everything in a diferent way.
Thanks to all the people who encourage me to continue with this site with
their kind comments. I dont know if in this first year I made any progress at all,
sometimes I think all my photos suck, but with the hope that I will make it better on the time.

8 comments on “A year has passed”

  1. a mi me gustan mucho tus fotos, creo que si has mejorado muchisimo y si además de gustarte esto como hobby, te sirve en la vida… qué chido!!

    ¡felicidades por el año!

  2. ¡Felicidades!

  3. Felicidades por el aniversario 😉

  4. me gusta mucho visitar tu sitio, Felicidades 🙂

  5. I totally agree with the way we now look at things. I love your work, even if I don’t always express so in a comment. 🙂

  6. Ya te lo habia dicho, me gustan muchas de tus fotografias. Nunca dejes este hobbie.


  7. Hey Rod, creo que tienes visión para esto y sensibilidad, keep the hard work!

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